I took photos of Jeline and Jamie Catt last July for Rumination. If you don't know what Rumi is, it's an online magazine for the youth made by my amazing friend, Julianne Suazo. You can check out the article here (x

....and here's a life lately post for y'all

  • Attended Elevate Alabang's anniversary
  • Had some catching up to do with my cousin, Gabbi. Ate at Cafe Alezone had pizza, quesadilla and cookie shots!
  • Bonding with my cousins 
  • Went to the National Art Museum alone because I had to take photos of a ton of paintings for my western art history class
  • Playing dress up with my best friend, Gabe. Haha! I haven't done this with her since high school and I'm so glad that we got to have some #GaBea bonding
  • Gave a few gifts and a letter with the cutest cupcake sticker to my neighbor, Jeline! Happy 18th Birthday, Waffles! 
  • Accountability partner time with Jenny in Town

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